Angry Birds Star Wars (Free)

So much of me wants to dislike this marketing-driven union of two of the biggest names in media today, but I just can’t. It’s just not possible. I mean, did you see that Chewbacca bird? It melts my heart every time! This latest expansion to the Angry Birds universe brings us all new mechanics and birds themed after Star Wars characters, with old school and Angry Birds Space based levels. Whether the Pigs are the evil empire or just a bunch of Tusken Raiders, it’s as fun as ever to smash them up. Only now you can do that using force powers, blasters, and your trusty lightsaber! Also, there is no prequel stuff to be seen anywhere, which makes this game A-OK in my book!

Meganoid 2 ($2.49)

Orange Pixel games is behind several excellent retro-themed platformers, but their most popular and acclaimed title was easily Meganoid. This highly-acclaimed sequel uses an Indiana Jones motif, as you hunt for idols in ruins laden with booby-traps. Their pixel art is at its best, as the game is gorgeous. There is a free version to download if you want to try before you buy, but anyone who likes this modern kind of platformer with small and short, but brutal levels should love it!

Shadowgun: DeadZone Beta (Free)

It was nearly a year ago that we joined mercenary John Slade on his adventures where he killed mutant cyborgs in Shadowgun. While the level design was repetitive and the enemy AI lacked quality, it was still a solid game with a good foundation in gunplay. Good enough that people were asking for multiplayer. Well, now you can finally play that multiplayer, although it’s still in beta, so expect some bugs and glitches. There aren’t too many maps and modes yet, but what we have here is very promising, and I can’t wait to see more.

Army of Darkness: Defense (Free)

I shudder to imagine the cold, dark place this world would be if not for the Evil Dead and Army of Darkness movies. As timeless as a time traveling hero with a boomstick and chainsaw hand, it’s truly a series worth attention. When a game is announced set within that universe, you should be giddy! Backflip Studios, of Ninjump and Paper Toss fame, have brought is this castle defense game, in which you control Ash himself and send troops to fight off waves of Deadites. It’s a solid game that gets ridiculously difficult down the line, but it’s full of nostalgic fun.

Chrono Trigger ($9.99)

XXThis is a port of what is likely the best JRPG of all time, and most definitely the best JRPG of the Nineties. Brought to us by Square Enix, the creators of  Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger whisks you all away in an timeless adventure. As you time travel to stop an ancient evil from awakening and destroying all creation you’ll make plenty of friends along the way, from a cave girl to a robot to an anthropomorphic frog knight. This game would be much higher on the list if not for this sloppy, sloppy port. It’s a very buggy version of the game, and it doesn’t even work a multitude of devices. Still, you should play it somewhere. Anywhere.

Ghostbusters: Paranormal Blast ($1.99)

Here’s a really neat title from XMG Studios, who appear to be moving up in the world. Formerly responsible for solid but less known games like Little Metal Ball and Drag Racer World, now they’re working in the whimsical yet terrifying world of the Ghostbusters! This is a brilliant augmented reality game that uses your device’s camera to let you bust ghosts in the real world in real time! As you go on location-based mission to hunt ghosts, you’ll come across plenty of old favorite enemies. There aren’t enough Ghostbuster games in the world today, even if the franchise recently re-emerged. Definitely give this one a look.