Some games are meant to be played on a large screen: Angry Birds is one of them. I played the beta version for a very long time on my Nexus One, and one of the first apps I installed on my Samsung Galaxy tab was the full (free) version of Angry Birds.

Even though the app is not (yet) designed to be played on a large(r) screen, it renders perfectly. No JPEG-artifacts, no strange lines. It looks amazing. Angry Birds really comes to life when played on a screen of this size. You can now clearly see where the birds will land, and you can select your targets even more accurately.

After a few hours of playing Angry Birds on the Samsung Galaxy tab, I reverted to the Nexus One, and I noticed that the screen of the Nexus One is really small. The smaller screen directly had an impact on the gameplay, causing me to miss the target a few times.

After a few levels, I switched back to the tab, and the game was again better to play. I will be testing some more games in the coming days, and see whether the larger screen really adds value to the gameplay. For now, the verdict is yes, the large(r) screen does add value!

Have a look at this video to get an idea on how Angry Birds beta looks on the Samsung Galaxy tab:

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