Imagine the game of Pandas vs. Ninjas is pretty much exactly that – an attempt at recreating the popular smartphone game. While this version comes up short when the two are compared side by side, it’s still a fun and highly addictive game.

The concept of the game is to fight for the side of the pandas in a battle against ninjas, who are invading and destroying your sacred land. (See, instead of trying to protect the angry birds’ egg, you are defending a panda’s home.) For the first set of levels, you play as a panda, and must move both the panda and his arm to throw your smaller animal weapons at the enemy. It takes some time to get a handle on how to aim, and, unfortunately, you’ll find it difficult to achieve accuracy.

As the game progresses, you find yourself using a catapult to launch your animal bombs. Here, it took me less time to figure out how the controls operate, and I immediately noticed the aim was sharper, but the physics of the game are still not 100 percent accurate. Overall, Pandas vs Ninjas could use some control tweaks.

Players also don’t have the option to zoom in or out, like they do when playing Angry Birds. Developers of this game might want to consider making that possibility a reality as it could drastically improve accuracy during gameplay.

Overall, Pandas vs Ninjas’ music, design and gaming style are all aspects that have made similar games so popular and probably will be the keys to this game’s success.