Zombies are all the rage, and it’s only heightened by the celebration of Halloween. Whether you’re a zombie lover or you’re out to destroy them all, there’s a growing number of zombie games on the Android Market to help you survive the apocalypse. From tower-defense style games to benign farming-style ones, there’s a zombie title out there for every gamer.

Plants vs. Zombies

The most popular zombie-inspired game for Android is Plants vs. Zombies, by PopCap and Electronic Arts. Boasting 50 levels in Adventure mode, the goal is to protect your house from the undead from trudging through your backyard. And how do you stop all these goofy zombies? With plants and flowers, of course! You start off with Peashooter plants and Sunflowers (collecting sunlight enables you to plant more), but eventually you can upgrade to Cabbage-pults, Cactuses, and Cattails, my personal favorite for the Pool levels. Plants vs. Zombies appeals to every gamer, because it’s a strategy title with a universal sense of humor.

Grave Defense HD

GRave Defense HD is a popular tower defense game that you’ll continue to play long after Halloween has passed. With an involved storyline, GRave Defense has some extra features you won’t find in other tower defense games. Help the Fellowship of Survivals battle mutant zombies and boss monsters alike. After a destructive nuclear war, there’s hoards of zombies out to get you. Kill them all across 20 levels, using fire, electricity, lasers and more. There’s a slew of unique battlefields, each one offering new challenges and opportunities to help save humanity.

Contract Killer: Zombies

For a slasher-style game, Contract Killer: Zombies is full of contaminated blood and gore. In this Halloween special, Contract Killer plops you in a world where you’re killing zombies instead of criminals. Help the survivors by going on missions, infiltrating zombie-infested cities to get supplies and even save stranded civilians. You’re mowing down zombies at every turn, earning bonuses for head shots and killing multiple zombies at one time. For the full blood and gore experience, try Contract Killer: Zombies (NR) instead!

Zombie Runaway

Want to be the zombie instead of killing it? Zombie Runaway gives you a new perspective on the walking dead… or running dead, in this case. Save a single zombie from his untimely return to the grave, dodging tombstones and spiked barriers as you try to escape the cemetery. Collect as many power-up coins as you can, because the more you get and the longer you stay alive, the higher your score soars. You’ll be surprised by how challenging this game can get, sucking you in for repeat runs and time-wasting fun.

Zombie Farm

There’s FarmVille, and then there’s Zombie Farm. It’s a friendly world with vegetables of a different kind — the kind that need watering and tilling to grow. Who knew corpses could be so fruitful? Plant the types of crops and zombies you want, customizing your farm with barns, ponds and more. Cross-breed zombies and track your crop mutations, seeing what type of creatures you can come up with. These zombies will still need plenty of nurturing, but they’ll return the love, even winning over the local residents.