WordTwist Pro

Word Twist Pro is a fast paced, Boggle-like action word game. In this game, try to pick out the hidden words in the scrambled grid of letters. Words must be at least three letters long and may include derived versions of this word separately. However, players may not use the same letter cube more than once per word. Sounds like it’s about time to whip out the old Scrabble dictionary and see just how many different words you can make. This full version includes two different game modes, “Unlimited Time” and “Time Pressure” and it does not include ads. A lite version of the app is available in the marketplace for users to try before deciding whether or not to commit to the full version of the game.

Word Run

Ever play the word game Boggle? Word Run works in a similar way. The game displays seven random letters and you must make as many words of three or more letters from them as you can within the time limit.You score jumps based on the number of words you find. Each new level brings a new rack of words. Find news, FAQs, and high scores at the game’s web site.

Wheel of Fortune

“Tease the letters, Vanna!” It’s all here: the puzzles, the wheel, buying letters, and more. One of the longest running game shows in history goes mobile. Get your Wheel fix with this app, but do more than shout answers at your television. Now you decide what letters you want and you solve the puzzle before the other contestants do. This latest update fixes several bugs from previous releases.

Worm Word HD

This highly rated game will test your word skills. Create words by tapping adjacent letter tiles “a word worm” get it? When you finish, hit submit and if the word finds a match in the app’s dictionary, you score. Then the word disappears and you begin again. The game includes both regular graphics for phones and HD graphics for tablets.


There’s a reason some games are classic. Hangman combines word skills, a strict deadline, fun, and the macabre. It’s been around since the 1800s. Hang’em the app bring the game to your Android phone. The design is simple and elegant and instantly familiar. The app creators have added word points and levels where the words get harder, plus OpenFeint so that you can challenge the world with your best score.

94 Seconds

94 Seconds is a trivia game with a simple premise: you have 94 seconds to use some simple clues to name as many words that match the clues as possible. Simple premises often make for great games, and in the case of 94 Seconds, straightforwardness helps to make for a challenging experience. Your job: Fill in as many words as you can from given categories that start with a single letter. For example, name fruits starting with “k”. Each set of clues requires only a single word for you to name, and once you hit it, the game moves on to the next category and letter. The idea is to move through as many categories as you can in ninety four seconds, and if you’re stumped you can skip to the next clue, but you’ll lose three seconds off the clock. You’re scored by how smart your answers are, with common words in the category going for one point and more rare ones earning you two points. Facebook connectivity means you can see how you rank against friends in 94 Seconds, and challenge them to beat your scores.


After making a huge splash on Apple’s iOS platform, word game Spelltower has jumped the gap to appear on Android devices. Spelltower is something of a combination of a word search and Tetris. The game requires players to draw a line through letters arranged on the screen in a grid in order to form full words, and clears not only the letters you use, but adjacent letters as well. You’ll score points for clearing lots of letters at once, with the goal of clearing them all off the screen. Spelltower packs several game modes, and in a few of them, more letters are added to the bottom of the screen over time, so you’ll have to act fast to keep from being overwhelmed and losing. In addition to multiple modes you can enjoy alone, you can take on another player in Debate mode.


Part word search, part Boggle, W.E.L.D.E.R. has players swapping letters around a grid to make words. You only have a set number of swaps, however, so being careful is a winning strategy. W.E.L.D.E.R. does a good job of making the word game genre a little fresher. Swapping letters to make words is key, but there are other elements at play as well, such as blank tiles that don’t award points. Everything in the game is limited, so being smart is important to winning, and you can’t just guess-and-check your way through the game. The more points you earn, the more swaps you get, so being frugal is the best way to score. Word game fans will especially like W.E.L.D.E.R., but it’s casual enough that just about anyone can enjoy it. It’s not for people who like to rush through similar titles, however being slow, smart and methodical about playing through W.E.L.D.E.R. is the best way to win.

Word Science

Word scramble game Word Science tasks players with using letter tiles to quickly spell out words, earning big points for finding tough words among the piles of letters. Word Science is all about forming the biggest words you can. The app challenges you to pick letter tiles out of a flow of three rows that are constantly moving; like games such as Scrabble, each tile has a point value attached to it. Your goal is to drag letters out of the flow to form words and rack up as much points as you can, paying special attention to green tiles, which are worth bonus points, and power-ups that can give you more time and make other changes to the game. Word Science also lets you challenge other players to games across Facebook and Google Play. Word game fans and those who want to bring friends in on the challenge should check out Word Science.

7 Little Words

Those who love word games won’t be able to resist 7 Little Words for Android. This game combines concepts that are found in crossword puzzles and anagram games to create an entirely new challenge. It’s a tough one, but it’s undeniably addictive.

You are given a series of clues and a specification of the number of letters that each word is made up of (never more than seven). The bottom half of the screen is made up of an assortment of tiles that have letters on them.

To play, you must assemble a word that you believe matches one of the definitions at the top of the screen. To do this, tap the tiles in chronological order, and then tap the “Guess” button to see if you’re right. If the word fits the clue, a check mark will appear on your list and those tiles will disappear from the board. Once you solve the set of clues, you pass the level.

There are 30 different free, individual sets of clues (these can be found in the “Sunrise” pack), and each one is numbered. Contrary to your gut instinct, these levels don’t seem to become more difficult as you play. They seem to be a mix of easy and difficult. When you run out of all the free clues, you can buy more sets for $0.99 each from within the app.

The app doesn’t penalize players for making a wrong guess, and there is no time limit. This is great news for more-relaxed word puzzlers who want to play at their own pace, but I could see how it might wear on those who are more competitive. I think the game might become just a bit more interesting if a gaming mode was included that would add or subtract points depending on how quickly you solve a puzzle, or how many guesses you attempt before finding the correct answer.

7 Little Words doesn’t have an exceptionally well-designed interface, but it can’t be classified as ugly, either. I’ll admit, though, that when I saw the dull gray scales and smiley-face icon, I had low expectations. 7 Little Words turned out to be a wonderful surprise! This is yet another example of why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Especially if it’s a free app.


DropWords considers itself a mix between Boggle and Bejeweled. The game methodology certainly mixes things up, with letter tiles dropping off as you create words with them. The result is a refreshed letter tile set with every word completed. The bigger the word, the bigger your opportunity for board replenishment. High scores are golden achievements in this addictive game.


Unolingo is a cool crossword puzzle but has no clues, only letters! Each puzzle is a 10×10 crossword containing up to 25 words in them. Since there are no clues, you need to figure out where the letters go to form the correct words. Now, there are some letters already filled in on the puzzle. If you get stuck, you can hit the hint button. There is also an audit button which will check your answers for you. The game has a nice tips area and a FAQ section to provide some guidance. The game comes with five sections with 30+ puzzles in each, providing plenty of gameplay. Unolingo will keep up with your statistics and does time you. If you enjoy this game, there are more in this series that you can purchase.

21 Ice Clues crosses word scrambling with crosswords

It turns out a fun game doesn’t require high production value. Sure, frantic 3D graphics and first-person shooter mayhem deliver excitement, but sometimes a smart idea well executed makes for a good time. That’s 21 Ice Clues. It’s a clever word game that’s short on glitz but long on engaging puzzles.

The format reminds me of a crossword puzzle crossed with a word scramble. You’ll find sentence based clues like “obscured from view” and letter counts, in this example “6”. Ice cube blocks of two and three letters each fill the bottom of the screen but the order is jumbled, so you must build your answer by touching block by block in the correct order once you think you’ve solved it. The answer to this sample is “HI”, “DD”, “EN”. Select your solution then press the “guess” button. If you’re right, a cute penguin (one of the only animations) slides by to remove the clue and the blocks from the screen and drop in a new clue. I found the game seriously challenging and engaging.

Each puzzle supplies 21 clues and there are 12 puzzles in the first free set titled “Ice Cream”. For 99 cents each, you can purchase new puzzle sets with names like “Blizzard”, “Snowball”, “Popsicle”, “Glacier”, “Igloo”, and so on. The creators say more sets are on their way.

There’s no timer to stress you out and no penalty for wrong guesses. Since the first set of puzzles are free, it’s easy to try it yourself and see if you like it.

So You Think You Know Words

So You Think You Know Words is a very different sort of game. What you have to do is guess (and spell) three different words from the letters provided. Now the words are all somewhat related based on the topic or puzzle pack you choose. If needed, you can turn on the hints to reveal a letter in each word or even ask for help via Facebook. The game comes with five different puzzle packs: TV and Movies, Anatomy, Animals, Food, and Synonyms. Within each pack there are close to 100 puzzles. If you were to choose TV and Movies, one puzzle you can chose is Starship Captains. The game will keep track of your progress and indicates more puzzles are coming. A pro version is also available. This is definitely a thinking man’s game, plus knowing some trivia does not hurt.

Word to Word: Association

Word to Word is the one word game in this group that does not involve spelling. The object of the game is to find the connection or association between the groups of words in the list. The game is very simple to pick up and play. To start a game, simply choose the puzzle pack you want to play and go. The game currently has 11 puzzle packs and each pack has 40 levels. There is no time requirement and when you finish a level, it is marked with a star. Overall, it is a fun game but doesn’t pack as much of a challenge compared to the others in this list.


Dabble is a spelling game where you race against the clock. You begin with five rows of letters, two on the top, then three, four, five and six in the following rows. You job is to figure out what word goes in each row. There are no hints or help: is it better to start with the largest word and then work your way down? Good question. As you play you will be forming words, but are they the words the game will accept? There are in-game achievements you can earn. Dabble is available as an award-winning board game and you can also play it on Facebook.

Crossword & search

Shortyz Crosswords is for those longing to hold a folded newspaper in their hands, with tons of free puzzles, and even a premium option for The New York Times dailies. Select which publications’ crossword puzzles you’d like to download. There’s plenty of hints to push you along, and settings for how much help you get. This Android app is free.

If its elongated ovals you like, there’s always WordSearch Unlimited. Play as many word search games as you like, getting hints as needed. Tracing letters with your finger is a lot more expedient than circling stretches of letters on paper. This clean Android game has themed boards and categorized word lists.

Boggled yet?

WordPops is a delightful game, with word bubbles ready to pop with each word completion. You start with an empty board, and it’s in your best interest to keep it as tidy as possible. Spell fast; don’t let these hypnotizing bubbles get too crowded. This Android game is free.

wordoid! comes with a board full of letters, waiting to be formed into words. You can go in any direction to connect letters, and earn bonus points for certain tiles. Sometimes you’ll even get a wild card. That should boost your score quite nicely. The longer words get bigger scores, so stretch your mind and your fingers. This Android game is free.

TextTwist has made the jump to mobile, with a sequel to boot. Shuffle the six letters you’re given, spelling out as many word combos as you can. Your time is limited, so you’ll have to spell fast. Don’t get the six-letter word? You won’t advance to the next level. This free Android version’s got five game modes, and trophies to unlock, adding a few perks the early PC editions lacked.