More tablets to boot

More tablet competition is headed Android’s way, with HP (HPQ) announcing the TouchPad yesterday, a tablet running on its own operating system, webOS. HP’s big reveal happened the same day Apple (AAPL) divulged production line details for the iPad 2. Dell (DELL) joined the party, however, with news of an Android tablet to jumpstart its product line for 2011.

Honeycomb hardware access

That means Google (GOOG) will have to work hard to remain a leading contender in the tablet market, and we’re already seeing signs of Android Honeycomb 3.0 improvements. A new interface called Renderscript will be available, says R. Jason Sams, an Android performance and graphics programmer at Google. Renderscript will allow low-level programming for developers that want to work more closely with Honeycomb’s hardware.

Stephen Shankland at CNET surmises the interface will enable better games on Android, among other things. Improvements around graphics and gaming is an important consideration for Android tablets, as these supposed PC replacements are going to become gaming and entertainment devices to say the least. Dedicating resources on this end will ensure Android’s leadership position amongst mobile operating systems.

BBC iPlayer hits the Market

Entertainment apps continue to charge the Android Market, and BBC is finding widespread appeal through this digital channel. The broadcaster has launched its iPlayer in mobile form, available for Android devices with Froyo 2.2 or higher. While it’s still limited to UK users, perhaps the BBC will find cause for global distribution eventually.