Zynga Poker is a really slick-looking game of Texas Hold ’em available for your Android phone.This is a pretty popular game on the Facebook platform, which means you must first log-in to your Facebook account to get started. And, while I’ve never been a big fan of Facebook games, I must say I was quite impressed by this one.

Zynga Poker looks and feels like a very high-end game, resembling more closely an app that would cost a couple of dollars in the marketplace rather than one that will cost gamers nothing. The graphics are sharp and vibrant, and the interface feels very polished. It looks exactly like those popular online pay-as-you-play poker games, even in its ability to message other people seated at the table.

You can play from anywhere, on the go, and can choose from engaging in a more-informal version of the game, or enter a tournament with some of your closest Facebook friends.

When you’re placing a bet, you use a touch dial to set the amount of money you’d like to throw down on the table. This is a neat little solution to playing poker on a touch-screen phone, however, it’s not very time-efficient. Because this is an online game, the amount of time you’re allotted to make an action is limited. When you’re under pressure to make a move that quickly, it can be difficult to make an analysis of your hand, place your bet, and then make your move.

One thing I especially liked about Zynga is the fact that it uses your Facebook photo as your avatar. It isn’t a complicated feature, but it’s a really nice touch.

There are a lot of different places to play poker, both on various Android apps and on web sites all over the Internet. This app features all of the great features of an online gaming experience without running poorly. It’s definitely worth the download if you’re a fan of the game.