App Inventor goes live

Remember when Geocities came out, and it was a novel idea for anyone to create a website? The novelty era for mobile apps has arrived, with the public launch of Android’s App Inventor. Google (GOOG) opened up the beta over the summer, gaining enough traction and feedback to make the tools available to anyone with a Google account. We’re sure to see an abundance of self-propelled apps come out of this, and hopefully Google will continue to pour resources into App Inventor in the coming months.

Nexus S and Dell Venue

The public launch comes shortly after news of the Nexus S, Google’s latest smartphone.  It’s now available for purchase, in Best Buy’s (BBY) mobile retail and online stores. You can buy it outright for $529.99, or add a T-Mobile (DTEGY.PK) service plan and get the phone for just under $200.

Dell (DELL) is pretty excited about its latest Android smartphone, announcing the new Venue today. While early rumors hinted at a full-portrait QWERTY keyboard, Dell’s revealed that the Venue has no keyboard at all. It runs Android 2.2, and it features a 4.1-inch AMOLED screen display. This is another opportunity for Dell to make a splash in the mobile sector, relying on Android as part of its bigger strategy for regaining relevance in the consumer electronics market.

DeNA’s new Samsung game portal

For Samsung (005930.KS) owners, there’s a new gaming portal headed your way. DeNA’s first major release since acquiring ngmoco is a joint game platform designed for Samsung devices. Mobage, a social gaming platform, is a collaboration between DeNA and Samsung for a direct market geared towards rapid expansion. Given Samsung’s success with Android phones, this follows in the footsteps of carriers like Verizon (VZ) hoping to cash in on niche portals.