The latest study in Android’s takeover comes from web metrics firm Quantcast, noting Android’s 17.2 percent representation of the global smartphone market.  The growth of Android is notable in its own right, but it also signifies the platform’s encroachment on Apple’s iOS turf.  Android is also staking its claim on BlackBerry’s market share, having overtaken RIM’s platform as the top-selling OS in the U.S., according to Gartner.

The myriad of partnerships and device support can account for a large portion of Android’s success, as its open-source diversity enables developers and manufacturers to create a wide range of devices and apps for Google’s mobile platform.

This is well-recognized in the IFA event, where several companies are revealing their Android-supported devices just before the holiday season.  The Samsung GalaxyTab and Sony TV with Android app inclusion are just a couple of items we’ve seen during the first days of the conference.

Android’s expansion across devices has also been encouraging to the gaming market, with Spin3 and Microgaming teaming up to offer new platform options for the Android Market.  All Slots Mobile Casino is the first client to launch a new title on Android, with more games emerging in the coming weeks.