Android’s ongoing platform plight

Android has always had its fair share of issues, seeing as it’s one platform with various devices created to support the OS. In Google’s (GOOG) efforts to launch an iOS rival expeditiously, Android’s early days were riddled with bugs, crashes and force-closing applications.

So the news of Android having more issues around its marketplace come as no surprise, even after a series of upgrades that have taken Android from its 1.5 beginnings, to the super-speedy Froyo 2.2. But this late in Android’s development, we’d expect Google to be able to handle these ongoing issues more efficiently. Lately, there have been grumblings that Google is ignoring its users, despite ongoing complaints on Android community forums, blogs and even Google’s support forums.

Recent Android Market issues

Recent issues have been primarily around the Android Market, with several reports of apps never completing the download process, including paid apps. And it’s a global problem, too. One HTC (2498.TW) user writes us all the way from Slovakia, noting a permanent problem with app downloads for the past few weeks.

“I was not able to download any apps or update during [October 31st], although downloads were somehow working (but often finished with error) the day before” he writes. “Cache clearing, as recommended on several forums, did not help.”

Manufacturers aware of issue

The Android Market download issues aren’t specific to any one device, either. A report emerged on CNET this week, outlining problems Motorola (MOT) Droid users are having with app downloads as well. A scan of the Google support forums shows that a range of OS versions and phones are facing the same Market issues, with manufacturers unable to offer much solace.

The manufacturers are, however, at least responding to consumer complaints. For our Slovakian friend, HTC replied to his inquiries, saying they are aware of the problem, due to the volume of complaints coming in. HTC’s recommendation? The standard “reset & retry.”