Unless you like math or are a fan of the original pencil and graph paper game, Download our new Android app!

To play, move your vector through a shaded racing circuit by using the big on-screen buttons. Tap on points that are far away from you if you want to accelerate and select points nearby to decelerate — these options will change the size of your vector. You crash when all possible positions are located outside your reach, and when you crash, you lose a turn.

The game has a very simple design, and seems to respond well when it’s in action.

For such a simple-looking game, however, it seems that you need to know a lot of information in order to play. There are instructions that walk you through exactly how the game is played, but they’re described in such a way that seems unnecessarily lengthy and confusing. It immediately became clear to me that this game is not for everyone.

The average gamer probably isn’t going to care for this game. It seems to be designed for and by people who enjoy the original graph paper game. However, this isn’t bad for what it is. There is certainly something to be said about digitizing and simplifying an archaic concept. The math nerds of the world probably will be able to appreciate it.