You’ve heard of pool and snooker, but what are carom and cronkinole?

Regardless of whether you’re in the mood to learn a new game, (and honestly, they’re not difficult to pick up) Pool Break Pro for Android is the best billiards game for Android, cues down.

The app is actually not just one pool game, but more than 10 different variations of billiard-type games. Whether you’re feeling adventurous or just want to stick with what you know, there are enough variations of each game to keep you busy for a while. For instance, tap on the “Pool” tab and you choose to play 8-ball, 9-ball, 8-ball (UK), straight pool, just place-n-shoot! or pool drill.

You can also choose between a rectangular or hexagonal table, and opt to play online, against a computer or with a friend.

The very first thing I noticed about this game was its sharp, console-quality graphics. This game has the authentic look and feel of an actual pool table.

What kept me engaged (and frustration-free), though, were the game’s precise controls and true-to-life physics. The ball does exactly what it would do if it were on a real pool table.

The game also has some very thorough customization options. Players can zoom in and out, freely move around the table, change the perspective, and adjust brightness.

The price of $2.99 is an absolute steal. For such a high-quality game, I’m surprised it’s not priced higher.