As a child, I knew I was different. While my aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents spent the weeks before and after Thanksgiving out in the woods hunting deer, my family was at home keeping warm by the light of our computer monitors and TVs.

Today, there’s an app for this. Deer Hunter 3D does away with the guns, ammo, camo gear, fuzzy orange hats, long underwear and all the rest, and lets both real-world and virtual hunting enthusiasts take out numerous game animals with a finger-press on their Android phones.

Start by adding skill points to your character (accuracy, reflexes, endurance, tracking), select your weapon, and head out to an available field. Headshots are preferred, and are rewarded with extra points. Taking out the biggest targets may unlock a trophy; sadly, I’ve yet to down one of these beasts.

As you progress, additional types of animals and new locations are unlocked, and just like the Xbox 360, special achievements can be earned along the way, e.g. for clean kills and no injured animals for the whole day. In addition, new firearms are made available as you go along: I’ll keep playing until the AK47 is unlocked. Yes, I will.

The shooting process is clean and clear. First, move your finger around the map until an animal is sighted. Then choose whether to head-in to hunt. Once the view pops up, your shooter will get into position, allowing you to target, then zoom into the animal. Take the shot, and see the results.Moms and dads, take heart. There’s no blood visible here. And the animations of the animals falling to ground are just cartoony enough to keep things tasteful.

If you’re on the hunt for a mobile game that simulates the thrill of the hunt, Deer Hunter 3D is a must-have game for your Droid.