Cardinal Quest by Tametick, a recent PC release that is now on Android. Its old-school sensibilities will definitely not mix well with more casual audiences, but if you’re looking for a rewarding experience, this one has you covered.

One day, a powerful Minotaur leads legions of evil creatures on a rampage around the country, killing your own parents and destroying your home town. Now you’ve grown up, and it’s time to find and kill the dude. You do this by exploring darkened dungeons, revealing new items, spells, and all sorts of enemies as you go. Caution and patience are your only two real friends on this journey, and reckless play will quickly lead to your demise. It’s very streamlined for the genre, without much depth and complexity, which makes it a great game to just dive right into on a whim.

There is a nice variety in the gameplay between the three available classes: fighter, wizard and rogue. Each offers their own challenges and benefits. There are not any extra features or modes, just randomized dungeons that throw new challenges your way each time you play. Also, on my device at least, the new touch controls were very well implemented. To be honest, it seems a little short and basic to be selling for three dollars (compared to other Android games, I mean) but this is still an excellent title if you have the mind-set for it. The retro pixel art and music is just the icing on cake. I definitely recommend checking out other roguelikes if you don’t feel like paying up. It’s a gaming experience that everyone should try.

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