Layar, the Netherlands-based open augmented reality platform, has launched Layar Vision, a new extension for recognizing real world objects and displaying digital content on top of them. It’s the latest way to interact with real-world content, and augmented reality goes hand-in-hand with mobile games. Talk about three-dimensions. Layar’s announcement comes days after Qualcomm’s SDK release for iOS, driving a great deal of interest in the AR industry.

Angry Birds update, Madden NFL 12 headed to Android

Android’s growing global reach has been a boon for large and small game publishers, as more look to Google’s mobile OS for distribution and monetization. Rovio announced the next Angry Birds Seasons update during a press conference in China this week, bringing an Asian-themed episode to the wildly popular game. Dubbed “Moon Festival” for now, this next update syncs with the mid-Autumn Chinese festival, and is expected sometime in September. EA is also gearing up for an autumn release, confirming and Android version of Madden NFL 12 for some time next month. The latest version will feature improved graphics and animations, and possibly integration with EA’s new social game hub, Origin.