Just before the end of the year Samsung unveiled two new dual-SIM Android smartphones, the Galaxy Y Duos and Galaxy Y Pro Duos. They’re geared towards people sharing a single phone, or business travelers in a transitioning mobile market. But it seems the most exciting Android device news is set to come from CES, the annual event known for debuting gadget prototypes and new products. LG is expected to reveal an Intel Medfield device, while Samsung is offering an early peek at a new line of audio docks that support Android devices.

Samsung Galaxy Y Duos and Y Pro Duos

Samsung further established its mobile presence with the Galaxy line, and the South Korean manufacturer is extending a truly global branch of the Galaxy series with the Y Duos and Y Pro Duos. Both feature dual-SIM slots to “maximize communication flexibility,” enabling two separate phone numbers and a simultaneous use of data on the same device. They’re designed for users balancing their professional and social lives, in need of two “separate but equal” phones. They’re also geared towards travelers and users in emerging markets.

The Galaxy Y Duos has an ergonomic design with a 3.14-inch full touch display and an 832MHz processor, while the Galaxy Y Pro Duos has a full QWERTY keyboard and a smaller 2.6-inch display. The new Galaxy handsets aren’t Samsung’s first attempts at dual-SIM systems, as they’ve been quite successful for Samsung’s international efforts, but they are the first to run on Android. Both Galaxy Duos are powered by Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Look for the new phones to launch in January, first in Russia, then Europe, CIS, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

LG Intel Medfield device

LG is set to deliver an Intel Medfield Android device at CES this year, highlighting some of Intel’s latest technology. The phone maker and chip maker actually planned on revealing a joint device at CES last year, but had to pull out of the project. The hiccup didn’t keep LG and Intel from collaborating again, as LG looks to develop more upscale Android devices, and Intel hopes to steal some mobile market share from rival chip maker ARM. There are few details about the device, but it will be Intel’s first Android smartphone release for LG’s platform. Both LG and Intel have high hopes for their CES demo, so we’ll be keeping an eye out for the full story here.

Samsung DA-E750

Samsung may be going global with its latest Galaxy handsets, but they’re also going after a high end market with the upcoming audio dock DA-E750. Equipped with a 100W hybrid vacuum tube amp, Samsung’s newest audio dock has a 2.1 speaker system and subwoofer. What makes the DA-E750 one for the Android crowd is its Bluetooth support, letting you stream media from your Android device. On the rear of the audio system, Samsung’s included an analog composite input and USB port for connecting other devices, so you can play music from a flash drive as well. There’s no pricing details yet, but Samsung revealed some photos of the sleek new device, and I must say it would look pretty sexy sitting in my living room.