PopCap appeals to Xperia mini’s superior technology, awaits Android ecosystem maturity

The lure of Android is still strong, as PopCap Games teams with Sony Ericcson (SNE) to offer titles like Peggle and Plants vs. Zombies. Just days after the announcement of EA Games’ acquisition of PopCap, we see another definitive move by the game publisher. The deal allows for Sony Ericcson to include a set of three pre-loaded games on its Android-powered Xperia mini and Xperia mini pro smartphones, delivering a suite called “Games by PopCap.” The news comes shortly after EA’s release of two games for Xperia PLAY, including Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

The Xperia mini is another way for PopCap to market its games, as it expands its presence across mobile platforms. It was only earlier this year that PopCap started bringing its popular titles to Android, initially running promotions in the Amazon App Store. PopCap’s launch campaigns are obvious marketing coups, revealing the publisher’s bullish outlook of the Android ecosystem as a whole. With the Sony Ericcson deal, PopCap is targeting a select group of gamers. Giordano Bruno Contestible, PopCap’s senior director of global product for mobile, says that Xperia mini’s appeal is largely due to its superior processing power and great screen resolution–comprised of Reality Display with the Mobile BRAVIA engine.

Although many game publishers hesistate because of Android’s fragmented device offerings, most are still anxious to distribute through Android’s platform. Contestible goes on to express PopCap’s intentions for Android, saying,  “As the Android ecosystem matures, PopCap is committed to providing best-in-class game experiences for Android game players.”