Google Calendar (Free)

What’s it about? It’s Google Calendar – you can add important appointments, invite others to participate in them, and get email reminders and notifications to help you make sure you never miss an important event.

What’s cool? Google Calendar can be a highly useful service, but for a long time only certain Android device owners were able to make use of the standalone app from Google. That changes now, as Google released a new version of the app to the greater Android community. It’s still not compatible with every device out there, but features like the ability to alter your calendars on the fly and email event participants is still extremely handy.

Who’s it for? Anyone who makes regular use of Google Calendar will want the app on-hand. It makes taking down appointments as they’re made easy, as well as making adjustments to your schedule as they happen.

What’s it like? You’ll find lots of other calendar apps in the Google Play store that can also interact with the Google Calendar service. Touch Calendar is a good example, as is aCalendar.

CloudOn (Free)

What’s it about? Access Microsoft Office and other documents via your Android device with CloudOn, which is capable of linking to services such as DropBox and Google Drive in order to make it easier to view and work with documents remotely.

What’s cool? Recently updated, CloudOn now offers greater capabilities when it comes to Office documents – namely, the ability to annotate or even edit them from your Android devices. You’ll have greater capabilities with working with your documents, and the app also makes it easy to share them with others through email for greater collaboration.

Who’s it for? CloudOn is perfect for workaholics and the kinds of people who are constantly working on documents with others. CloudOn is great for when you have to be away from the office or computer, but your input might be needed on a pressing project.

What’s it like? You can find other apps in Google Play that are smart enough to handle various document types. Check out Documents To Go and Quickoffice Pro for a pair that are capable of editing Microsoft Office documents, specifically.

MARVEL War of Heroes (Free)

What’s it about? MARVEL War of Heroes is digital collectible card game, which means you’ll create a deck of “cards” with different properties, and use them in a strategy-filled battle. You’ll gather cards of various Marvel superheroes, as well as those of power-ups and other things. Combine them to make a powerful deck to play through the game’s missions.

What’s cool? War of Heroes is a bit different from other digital card games because it’s mostly about the gathering cards and “evolving” them by completing missions. When you actually use the cards, your strategy and preparation are what matter – not actually playing the cards at the right time, like in games such as Magic: The Gathering. War of Heroes packs some original artwork from Marvel artists, which is a nice touch, and you can team up with other players within the game.

Who’s it for? Marvel fans are among the top tier of people who will have a good time with War of Heroes. Collectible card game fans will likely have a good time, even though this one doesn’t handle like most others.

What’s it like? The popular Rage of Bahamut will put you in similar headspace to MARVEL War of Heroes, with lots of collecting cards and strategy. The same goes for Chains of Durandal. Check out Cabal: The Card Game for a change of pace and a different aesthetic but with a similar formula.