I find that many of the most important apps on my Android aren’t the ones I use every day, or even the ones I did a great deal of research on. Instead, my phone is full of apps I downloaded while standing in the middle of the grocery store, or caught in a moment of navigational disorientation. So for this compilation, I’m sharing the apps I’ve found worth downloading, even if you only use them once.

Some of these apps may just sit on your phone, running in the background, only to be unleashed in emergencies. Others, you’ll always be glad to keep on your Android device for any number of reasons, whether you’re out shopping, lost, or just need entertaining.

Load it & forget it

ShopSavvy’s barcode scanner is worth a download, especially if you’re a shopper. Search QR codes, keywords and barcodes, to pull up web, market and product searches. See local and web results, price comparisons and ratings for each product.