Here are some of the top bio, home and network security apps on Android.


Biowallet Signature is an app aimed at keeping information safe.   It’s protected not by password, but by your retina.  The free Android app takes a photo of your eye, using your mobile phone’s camera.  Once your identity has been confirmed, you’ll be able to access whatever data you’ve kept in the “mobile safe.” The app supports digital signature and remote access options as well.

The upcoming BioLock will have an eye-scanner as well, with facial recognition security thrown in for good measure.  Priced at $2.99, this Android app lets you protect specific data, such as contacts or documents, on your phone.  For those seeking an extra layer (or two) of security, be on the lookout for BioLock.

Home security is quite an inclusive app, offering complete control of your home security system. Free for customers, you can monitor your security system, set and disable your alarm, and change your home’s thermostat settings. With upcoming support for “flipping” light switches, this Android app will soon have it all.

ElkDroid is an Android app for Elk Security users. It lets you monitor your home security system, even when you’re away.  See which areas of your home are armed, turn on the lights or turn up the thermostat.  ElkDroid is pricy at $99, which may be asking a lot, considering you can’t actually arm or disable your alarm from the app.  But then again, peace of mind is priceless.

Network security

Rackspace has a security app too, which monitors the status of your Cloud Servers.  The free Android app comes with some management tools as well, including the ability to delete or resize cloud servers, and run hard or soft reboots.   For business users frequently on the go, just having this app in the Market can be a comfort.