Android Apps That In Critical Moments Get the Job Done

Jan 13, 2010

The apps curated here are the ones that help get the job done, especially at critical moments! These apps have SAVED me!

As a person who regularly loses their phone, I am not going to even touch how the regular synching of my Google calendar and contacts to my online accounts has added hours to my sleep cycle. And of course as the G1 being my first “smart phone” I also won’t touch how cool it is to get email on your phone – I think most people already know that 🙂 But the apps I have picked here still delight me at the same time they are saving me!

Moxier World

As someone who makes frequent calls all over the world, I have toyed with quite a few world clocks. The cool think with Moxier World is that it gives both TIME and WEATHER for multiple cities all at once. In Swaziland, the network sometimes goes out during stormy weather and people sometimes don’t pick during storms, so before I call I can instantly see the time, see if it is daylight or nighttime, AND the weather all in one. Also, the weather give me a conversation starter, especially since I live in snowy Minnesota!



I know that this rather standard, but Google Maps has saved me so much that I just have to select it! It integrates so well with my G1 handset – I click on an adress on the web and Google Maps pops up with the location. I can INSTANTLY get directions through my contact list – never needing to contact my friends ot colleagues again for their address. It also worked AMAZINGLY well in Swaziland with a slow data connection. With no street names, I could use my GPS to identify my location and download a satellite map of the nearest homesteads to find who I needed. Having streetview on your phone while actually walking on the New York City street still blows my mind.


Google Voice

I know it isn’t exactly fair to put Google Voice on this list since it is still invite only, but if you were thinking about requesting an invite and you have an Android phone I say “Do It!” Although I have only been using Google Voice for a couple of months, it has saved me hundred of dollars in international call costs. It integrates well with my phone and instantly makes the call, tells me how much it costs, and I can buy “airtime” in bundles of $10 so I don’t have the heart-stopping shock of opening my extremely large phone bill at the end of the month!

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Qik Video

Actually, to be honest, I haven’t even used this app much because of sheer power of this app and how easy it is to tap into this portal of energy. Simple touch the Qik icon which will instantly turns your phone into a video camera and then push the green button on the screen, and you are INSTANTLY VIDEO STREAMING ONLINE!! And that’s all I gotta say.



I used to work on navigation and guidance systems that used enormous sensors for our work. I am still amazed by the simplicity of “Bubble” by Ben Zibble that shows off the sensitivity of your phones accelerometer. The graphic design is perfect and you never know when you need a bubble level! This is my favorite app of all time!


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