CES is an international promenade of things to come, and that thrill isn’t lost on Android apps. Plenty of companies, from Yahoo! (YHOO) to Samsung (005930.KS), presented new and upcoming Android apps at CES 2011, all taking advantage of a growing mobile platform to deliver their apps straight to the user. Innovation reigns, with CES giving us users a chance to see the future, and for a few of the apps listed below, the future is now.

Home entertainment

Yahoo!’s connected TV plans came to life this week, with a mobile front designed to work with Google’s (GOOG) Android platform. Part of this networked approach includes an Android phone-turned remote, signaling your management and actions with Connected TV. “Flick” content between the phone and television for shared viewing, too.

Comcast (CMCSA) is after a similar level of home theater interaction, with upcoming Android support for viewing live, streaming cable content on your mobile device. It will only work while you’re in the house, but it’s certainly a start to truly on-demand, mobile content.

Around the world

Garmin (GRMN) demonstrated three new Android apps at CES this year, all circling around navigation. Garmin Tracker will let you monitor the location of a new accompanying GTU 10 tracking device, while My-Cast Lite gives you real-time weather updates. Finally, myMechanic lets you monitor vehicle performance metrics, helping you maintain safety as you navigate the world.

Spot Connect utilizes satellite signals to power communication via your Android phone—no signal needed. It’s helpful for hikers, international travelers and the like. Interfacing its device with the Android app, Spot Connect can deliver peace of mind during travel, helping you sustain communication with friends and family.

Ooma Mobile HD will also help you keep in touch, with U.S. and international VoIP calls made from your Android phone. Using Ooma’s PureVoice technology, the benefit of this $9.99 app is quality calls over 3G. While the app is pricey, calls are free or cheap, depending on where you’re calling.

Utility apps and more

mydlink Lite is a mobile access point for D-Link’s monitoring system, letting you tap into camera feeds that look over your home. Manage your account, set cameras to record or take snapshots. Great for nanny cams or the paranoid, this Android app aims to deliver peace of mind on the fly.

Samsung’s new MobilePrint app made its debut on Android this week, letting you send content to wireless printers in the vicinity. With a centralized portal for accessing emails, documents and web pages, the app does more than just connect wirelessly to printers. The app acts as a personal work hub, simplifying your work life.

Body Media Fit has officially launched its mobile platform, connecting your associated arm band to your account, accessible from your Android phone. Track and receive reports on your physical activity throughout the day, like calories burned and steps taken. For those after a disciplined lifestyle, this system is for you.

ZoomSafer has launched a driver safety app at CES this week, disabling certain messaging capabilities on your Android phone. It auto-detects when you’re driving, turning off email and text messages, so you’re not even tempted to divert attention away from the road.

Qik didn’t launch at CES, but its acquisition by Skype was announced at the Vegas event yesterday. The video broadcasting app made a name for itself on Android, offering chat capabilities mobile users found only on Apple (AAPL) products. The software will soon become part of the Skype family.