Fooducate Weight Loss Coach

Shopping for groceries can sometimes feel like a doctoral-level research study, reading labels for nutritional facts and ingredients, comparing each aisle’s products. The pressure is compounded for someone using a highly disciplined service like Weight Watchers. Thankfully Fooducate has a barcode-scanning Android app that gives you all the information you need for your personal goals. Check grocery items against Fooducate database, add it to your Favorites. You can even scan multiple products for comparisons, access your scanned history and use the calculator right from the app.

Women Workout

With Women Workout you get the sleekly designed programs in a convenient mobile package. You’ll receive step-by-step workouts developed by top female trainers and experts, shareable training logs and timers, all designed to optimize your exercise goals. The app also comes with built-in support to request expert guidance. Get the pro version for full-featured access to workout plans.

Free Meditation – Take a Break

Women take on a great responsibility in caring for their families, often combined with the added pressure of a career. Stay stress free throughout your busy day with Meditation Oasis’ app, called Free Meditation. This voice-guided app comes with two programs – one for a seven-minute break, and the other for 13 minutes. You can listen with or without music, turn off the voice guide, and practice your stress reduction techniques to keep you sane throughout the day. After a while, you may be able to skip the app all together.

Breast Cancer Awareness SRIOR

Breast cancer is a disease that affects many of us in one way or another, becoming a foremost important health concern for every woman you know. Self-examination is key to women’s health, and the Breast Cancer Awareness SRIOR app offers a guide on how to conduct a breast self-exam. The app also lets you schedule reminders for yearly mammograms and monthly self-exams, and provides information on breast cancer screening guidelines. For a more general app on self-exam techniques, try Breast Test.

BabyBump Pregnancy Pro

Pregnancy is unique to women, and requires a great deal of attention, time and care. Simplify some of the processes around tracking your pregnancy with the Baby Bump app for Android, considered one of the most inclusive apps of its kind. View schematic embryo pictures of baby development week-by-week, along with common symptoms, cravings and bodily changes you can expect throughout the pregnancy. The app comes with a journal and a weight-tracker, so you’ll have a database to take to doctor’s visits. Your progress can also be charted for weight gain, BMI and low/high estimates against your actual weight on a weekly basis. There’s a social component for sharing pregnancy stories, a countdown widget for your homescreen, and a contraction tracker with a start/stop button when the big day arrives.