BabyBump Pregnancy Free

OK dads, this app isn’t just for expectant mothers. Any prospective father should make the effort to learn more about what their pregnant partner is going through and how their child is developing. As well as daily info, images and tracking tools, BabyBump even includes weekly information specifically aimed at fathers and a dad-only community forum. Personally, I’ve discovered all the info this app offers is of value, and the pro version of the app is worth spending the extra $2.99 on because its contraction tracker could come in handy when your wife/partner is close to delivery.

50000 Baby Names FREE!

Confession: my wife and I picked out a couple of names already, but I still get worried some dreadful celebrity will name their daughter the one that we’ve chosen! This app keeps things simple and offers a boatload of potential child names with meanings and origins included. You can sort them by popularity. For those who don’t feel like trawling through the list, just hit the ‘random name’ button and see what emerges.

New Dad – Pregnancy For Dads

If you insist on being one of those fathers opposed to women-centric pregnancy apps, at least there’s New Dad – Pregnancy For Dads. Admittedly, I found the info contained in this app a little feeble compared to BabyBump, but it does have a slightly more informal, humorous edge which some may enjoy. Personally, I’d suggest cutting the gender roles for a while and supporting your wife or partner in any way you can.

My Pregnancy Today

Dads should definitely not be put off by the title of this informative app from the experts at BabyCenter. My Pregnancy Today can help you feel more prepared for your baby’s birth by analyzing pregnancy day-by-day. It includes checklists, a nutrition guide and useful videos that help parents learn more about fetal development. Sure, the app is clearly aimed at moms-to-be, but good dads will definitely find plenty of useful info here to help support their partners.

What to Expect: Pregnancy Tracker

The app is developed for expectant mothers by personalized daily updates about pregnancy and baby’s growth but the same information can be helpful for dads. Pregnancy Tracker is one of the most popular pregnancy related app in the Play Store with over 1 million downloads. Besides reading important tips for eating healthy and common symptoms or watching touching videos, you can share your experiences with the active community of What to Expect users.

WebMD or iTriage Health

While more general in scope, there is no denying that apps like WebMD and iTriage Health are welcome additions to your Android app arsenal. They will never take the place of a properly-qualified OB/GYN or pediatrician, but the health information they offer is still useful to have on hand in an emergency. Both apps include things like drug interactions, symptom checkers and even first aid essentials.

Read all about it

While there aren’t a huge number of dad-based apps on Android, there are still plenty of pregnancy-based ones, and that’s what counts. However, your Android smartphone or tablet makes for a great e-reader, too. The Google Play Books store offers titles like A Guy’s Guide To Pregnancy by Frank Mungeam ($9.04), My Boys Can Swim! by Ian Davis ($7.99), and my favorite (which I’d recommend purchasing in physical book form), Be Prepared: A Practical Handbook for New Dads by Gary Greenberg and Jeannie Hayden ($10.38).