Android Apps for the Lovers of Live Music

May 10, 2010

Going to shows is one of my favorite pastimes, but as a music lover it’s hard to keep track of all my favorite bands, venues or even songs that I love. Use these apps to stay on top of the concert scene, locally and beyond.


The Concerts app lets you search for live shows by location or artist. Comes in really handy if you are just looking for a show to go to spontaneously or if you are in visiting a new town and aren’t quite up on the local scene. You can also buy tickets and get direction to the venue straight from your phone.



This is another concert locator app but with one killer feature. Gigbox allows you to create a watchlist of up to 50 artists you like and then it will update you automatically whenever they are playing a show near you. Really great for those of us with varied musical tastes who have trouble keeping tabs on the touring schedules of artists we enjoy.



BIC® Concert Lighter

I used to burn my thumb off at every show I went to but not anymore thanks to the Bic Concert Lighter app. Fire up this bad boy without having to worry about bodily or collateral damage at your favorite venue.

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