I have been curious on how to use an Android device to learn or better understand my religious faith or beliefs. If you do a search in the Google Play store, you will see that there are a huge number of apps on almost every major religion. Since I am a Catholic, today’s post is going to able those apps that Catholics could use to learn or participate more in the Church.

Laudate- #1 Free Catholic App (Free)

This free app contains a ton of resources and tools for Catholics. The developer has been very active with this app, making it available in eight languages. The app’s main function is to provide the daily Mass readings.  When you click on daily readings, a variety of choices comes up: Order of the Mass, the readings, a reflection on the reading and then related podcasts online.  In addition to the daily readings, there is Rosary and Chaplet, Confession, Stations of the Cross, Catechism, Vatican documents and two different versions of the Catholic Bible.

The app is very simple to use and has a few options you can set. You can change the overall theme (color scheme) of the app, font face and size, podcast player preference, screen timeout and pinch to zoom.  The app is really more a portal to Catholic resource since many of the items take you to a website, so an Internet connection is required.

Catholic Droid (Free)

Catholic Droid is a simple app that provides users with the basics. The main section of the app is The Bible. In this section, you can choose from over a dozen translations in various languages.  For English speakers there is the King James and Revised Standard Versions. There is a Daily Readings section that will download the daily Mass readings.  In addition, there is a second section for the Ten Commandments, Sacraments, Way of Cross, and the Rosary, just to a name a few.

The app has a prayer section that contains numerous prayers. Overall this app is very basic and a bit rough around the edges. There is not a lot of configuring for the app, but it does get the core message across.

Catholic Calendar: Universalis (Free)

Universalis is a very popular Catholic website that is dedicated to the Liturgy of the Hours, a set of prayers done at various times throughout the day. This app is the free version and is only good for a limited time; the full featured app is over $13. Periodically the app will download readings and prayers so a constant connection to the Internet is not required.  Under settings, you can adjust the font size, change languages and chose between two Bible translations.

The app provides you with the prayers and readings for the day so when you first open the app the main screen is a scrollable calendar. Simply click on the day you want. You can also choose the day from the top menu. The About Today section contains information on the Saint for the day. After that you can access Readings at the Mass,  Mass Today, Office of Readings, Morning, Mid-morning, Midday, Afternoon, Evening and Night Prayers. There is a lot here and the app makes it easy to follow the prayers. You can access most of this material on their website if you do not want to purchase the app.

iMissal -#1 Catholic App ($4.99)

iMissal has been a very popular app  for iOS and is now available for Android devices. This app is very well done, providing the daily Mass readings in one app. When you open the app you are presented with four options: Missal (the readings), My Daily Bread (daily Bible verse which you can share and/or save), Prayers (a selection of prayers, including the Rosary), and Catholic News (RSS feed from various Catholic sources). In addition to these, you can purchase the Saint a Day app/add on for $1.99.  All information downloads to the phone, so no Internet connection is needed.

When accessing the daily readings, you are presented with a calendar. To find the readings for a particular day, simply long press on the day and a new window will appear where you can choose the readings format. Within the settings you can adjust the font size and access to a calendar legend so you understand the colors and abbreviations.  As a side note, you can access Mass videos from Catholic TV from the bottom menu.

These are just a few of the apps available for Catholics and these are ones that can assist folks to keep up with their faith and the Church. Have you used your Android device to keep up or improve your faith?