Between – Private Couples App

Whether it is a distant relationship or you are just forced to spend the day far from each other, texting and sending pictures or quick updates can help a lot to feel closer to your loved one. Of course, a single chat app, like Facebook messenger would do this job, but using a “normal” client for your most intimate chat flows might create some very embarrassing moments.

Between is a very good solution for this problem. The app provides a private, one-to-one chat client (you do not have to worry for sending messages to the wrong person, for instance). There is also a shared calendar function – cool, when you do not want to put your private programs into any apps which might be shares unintentionally. It is also a good future that it enables the users to share their photos and set up a timeline for their memories – no Facebook-wall or Instagramming again.

This application is an ideal tool, especially when you want to keep your relationship absolutely private. This is the best choice if you are afraid that someone might search in your computer or enters your social accounts during the day – it is very secure and keeps hidden what needs to be hidden, if you know what I mean.

Couple Trakcer and Mobile Monitor

Couple Tracker is a strange, yet very practical Android app. This program allows couples to see each other call list, sent and received SMS messages and it even shares the location of your partner (data are recorder in every 30 minutes).

This might sound a bit depressing at the first sight, but there are times when this kind of monitoring might be useful or even necessary. The advantage of the application is that everything is mutual. As soon as you switch off yourself, you are not going to be monitored and you cannot see your partner’s deeds either.

This application might seem abusing, but only if it is utilized for that purposes. On the other, sometimes it is pretty good to know where your other half is and what he or she does, especially when you go through in a difficult period in your relationship. Use with care and save your common values.


Couplete is a perfect application for couples, especially for those who need inspiration during the day. This application provides a shared to-do-list and a diary to remember the most important dates. It also have a chat client, and provides an opportunity to send and receive love letters privately. It also functions as a life-log app, which is is a cool feature to monitor the status of your relationship.

This application is an enormous help for those you are newly together and want to base their romance on a strong ground of sweet memories. It is extremely helpful in the first few months to keep the relationship lively and filled with shares experiences, which may strengthen the bond between the partners.

Happy Couple

Happy Couple is a godsend for those who live in a long-distance relationship. The app helps you to get to know your loved one better by little quizzies every day. In less than 3 minutes you will have to answer a few questions about one another, and you get points when your answer is right.

This app is a little but handy help for those who find it difficult to talk about themselves even to their partners. Moreover, its use can help you to treat your relationship even more consciously, therefore you can avoid getting your emotions faded.

LoveByte – Realtionship App

LoveByte is one of the cutest relationship apps in the palette. This tiny little one shows your partner’s location, the weather and his or her battery level – of course based on mutual agreement. This is a very good feature for those who live in a long distance relationship, especially in the beginning of the romancer.

Of course, this android app provides the usual couple features like private messaging and profile building. If you would like to have a friendly relationship tracker on your phone, then this is your choice.