The app is your basic run and gun. You run left and right, shooting zombies and smashing their faces in. The arrows move you, the red button shoots, and the green button is your melee. As you move through each level, you can stop in houses along the way to hide from zombies, waiting for your chance to strike. Each house will also yield some money and ammo to help you on your way. In between each level, you can purchase better weapons, health, and ammo. The goal is just to get as far as you can. Every five levels you beat unlocks a new starting point, so you don’t always have to start from level one.

There are several characters to choose from, and each plays slightly differently. The doctor for example, gets some health every time he enters a house, while the S.W.A.T. guy who looks like Samuel L Jackson is great with guns, but not so good with melee weapons. Even John Gore from Mountain Sheep’s Minigore makes an appearance in this game. As you play and enter houses, sometimes you’ll even get one of the other characters as a companion, which is extremely helpful. You have to protect them though, as they die much more easily than you do. You’ll eventually encounter different kinds of zombies with varying health and strength, as well as vehicles like: cars, bulldozers, and even helicopters. It’s a ton of fun to just ride through an entire level and smash everything, ignoring all the houses, though it isn’t very smart. It’s great to be able to recreate that awesome scene with the helicopter in the movie 28 Weeks Later. If you’ve seen it, you know the one I mean.

The game play is surprisingly addicting, and it just gets better and better as you unlock better weapons. I love the art style of the game; with the bright color palate and bold lines. Watching cartoony zombie heads explode has never been so adorable and whimsical. This is definitely a quality title for anyone, and especially for fans of zombies and zombie games.

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