So it’s up to you to defend a single survivor of the zombie apocalypse from the ravenous undead hordes. You do this as something of a god, reaching down and physically stopping the zombies. You do this by simply touching them, and you can toss them about or smash them repeatedly into the ground, just like everyone’s favorite scene from Marvel’s The Avengers. As you’re doing this, you’ll collect various defensive weapons and stars. Stars are used to upgrade these defensive weapons, which include wrecking balls, grenades, giant boulders, deadly windmills, liquid nitrogen, mines and much more. The game is very random, creative, and totally over the top the like that.

Each level takes place on a different day of the month. As the days go by, more deadly and clever zombies will enter the fray, changing the dynamics quite a bit. There are only two different areas which you defend for a month, one being a farm in the middle of nowhere, and the other being a prison in the middle of a city. Both maps look great, but offer mostly visual differences and not much else. At the end of each night, you can take a snapshot of your final kill in slow motion and share it to Facebook or Twitter. It wouldn’t be a Zynga game without some kind of social media support.

As I said, the visuals, music and sound are all top notch. If you get bored of the main levels, you can play in the sandbox mode or endless mode for some variety. You don’t really see these kinds of castle defense games anymore. I remember them being very popular on the Flash game scene, with you using your mouse to endlessly thrown armies away from your castle. It’s a refreshing game experience, and it’s a lot of fun. Best of all, ZombieSmash is available for only one dollar. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking to brutally and violently kill some time.