You play as Chuck the Zombie Cleaner, a random cross between a janitor and undead fighting warrior. Armed with his trusty shotgun and mop, he defends the various establishments owned by the townsfolk for three nights each. Why the zombies give up after three nights is a mystery to me. Despite clearing out this zombie infestation once before, they’ve somehow returned. With the help of the quirky museum curator, Chuck travels through time, collecting mystical items to be used in the creation of a zombie doomsday weapon, ending this battle once and for all.

Gameplay could be described as a kind of top-down, three dimensional castle defense. Movement, targeting, and firing is all done by tapping on things until they go away. As you move from window to window, you’ll be able to board them up for temporary protection. You also carry a single moveable auto-turret, along with a limited amount of special ammo and deadly window clearing objects. Keeping the zombies from getting to whatever item  they’re after is, of course, just as important as keeping zombie goo off the floor, which will penalize your score if not cleaned up. Depending on your performance, you’ll be rewarded with cash to upgrade your arsenal with, and of course, more cash can be bought through in-app purchases if you’re lazy.

The ability to travel to random time periods definitely adds a lot of visual diversity to the game, whether you’re in medieval Transylvania, Norse Scandinavia, Ancient Egypt, or Feudal Japan. This also adds a lot of new enemies to the game, and is a fantastic excuse to have mummy, Viking, and ninja zombies as enemies. The graphics are colorful and cartoony, the writing is funny, the sound effects and music are well done, and this is all around a very solid game. The Android version has issues of its own. It’s free to play, which is fantastic, but it comes with some very intrusive full screen advertisements that I could really do without. It also froze on me over half of the times that I tried to enter the in-game upgrade store. Despite these few issues, which will hopefully be addressed soon, this is a great game that you definitely shouldn’t miss out on, especially considering the price.