Arcade and Blitz are this game’s two modes of play. Arcade mode is an endless mode, in which you keep running until you run out of lives. As you can see, the game takes place on a three lane road and is controlled by three buttons; left, right, and jump. Hitting a tombstone will make you lose a heart, so dodging them is the name of the game. As you dodge tombstones, you’ll be picking up coins to  increase your combo and add to your score, though your main score comes from the distance that you run. You’ll also get to pick up boost power ups that put you on a bicycle or strap you to a jet pack and allow you to smash through tombstones, upping your score even more. As you get farther, things get faster and more hectic, and it’s a blast.

In Blitz mode, you have a limited amount of time to get as far as you possibly can. Hitting obstacles takes away a chunk of your score as well as a little bit of time. Getting boosts in this mode also extends your time a little bit. Both game modes are extremely simple, but they’re fun and easily replayable. The app supports Facebook to let you compete with your friends, and there are plenty of in game achievements to unlock. The achievements actually unlock costume pieces and other random goodies for use in the game though, which is something I can completely get behind.

I enjoy the quirkiness and randomness of this game a lot. Your zombie is always wearing a completely random costume, including ridiculous costumes like a ninja outfit. The sides of the roads are marked with random letters and numbers, and the boost pick-ups are a lot of fun. There isn’t a lot to this game, but considering that it’s completely free, that’s OK. The advertising is pretty heavy in this one, but it didn’t really bother me. Check this one out.