Duck Hunt was one of my most favorite games for the original NES and was one of the first games to innovate the gun mechanic. Since that time, many games have come out for all kinds of consoles emulating the popular classic and most recently, games for Android have started popping up. Zombie Duck is one of those games that is taking the original formula of the aiming and shooting of ducks and bringing it to mobile phones with some added features.

This game features different kinds of ducks that will fly across the screen and it is your job to shoot as many as possible out of the sky. To do this, you use either the accelerometer or trackball of your device to aim and shoot. Guns can be upgraded using a points system for faster reloading and more bullets per clip.

Overall, the game was an interesting idea but lacked some fun for me. I had unlimited ammo and there was never any real penalty for missing a duck. The controls were a bit iffy and the game eventually became pretty boring. Still, it’s available for free, so check it out and see if you agree with me.