Zenonia first debuted on mobile phones and was an instant classic offering a ton of awesome RPG goodness. One drawback to the action RPG was that the controls were created for physical keyboards so a lot of the menus had to be navigated via the onscreen D-pad on the phone. Zenonia 2 not only resolves that issue by adding touch controls to the game’s menus, it also offers a completely new experience to play through.

The game still has the same feel as the original RPG with its 16 bit graphics and awesome animations. But this time around it offers up four different playable characters to choose from each with their own unique abilities and strengths. The game follows the four characters as they encounter different battles while trying to stop the world from being destroyed again. In this new game, players can also fight in a PvP match to earn experience and put their name up on the leaderboards.

Overall, this second game in the series brings even more of the awesome RPG experience to Android phones. The game flows smoothly, will last you hours, and has a fun story to follow as well. It’s available for a medium price in the Android Market, but definitely worth every penny. Check it out.