The game takes after a few others by using the popular concept of flipping gravity. You are a ninja who is being chased for some reason by two ninja stars. As you run, you will need to jump from the ground to the ceiling to avoid falling into oblivion. While the physics don’t really make sense, the game provides a decent challenge.

There are only two modes to pick from in the app: The story mode and the endless mode. The story mode will have you completing various stages while the endless mode challenges you to see just how far you can actually make it. The graphics and sounds in the game weren’t anything too amazing and there was always a large ad sitting on the side of the phone while playing.

Overall, the game was definitely a challenge, but it wasn’t something I would keep on my device. It does happen to be free in the Android Market so if you really don’t have anything better to do, check this app out.

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