Well now the game has finally been ported to the Android phones and I must say, I’m a little disappointed in the game. With all that could have been accomplished and the wonderfully gameplay that could have been achieved, Team 17 has seemingly decided to slap users in the face by providing a game that does not offer online multiplayer and struggles with some cumbersome controls.

All of the amazing fun that was offered on the game before, like being able to connect computers or hop online and play a skirmish is gone with the port to Android. Users can only play multiplayer on the same device, which is extremely disappointing.

The gameplay of the game is as great as the original but it is hampered by the sometimes confusing controls and the occasional framerate issues. With all of this combined, the beloved game that I was so looking forward to, the game that was supposed to provide tactical artillery excellence and blow all the other copycats out of the water, ends up feeling more like a muddled port that is just trying to make some more money off the app gold rush.

The game is still fun and offers some interesting content like different challenges to try to complete, but the lack of any solid multiplayer, which is what this game is all about, ruins my desire to keep it and recommend it to any of you. It’s retailing at a medium price, but I recommend only grabbing it if you want to play computer players over and over again, or have a lot of friends who want to pass a device back and forth.

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