Players can connect with their friends over Edge, 3G, or Wi-Fi and play a turn-based match or hop into a game with a random opponent from around the world. It’s one of those games where the player will play their move and then forget about the game until it notifies you that it’s your turn.

The animation was great, and the game played extremely smoothly with no issues whatsoever. It played exactly like a Scrabble game and the push notifications worked wonderfully. There is also the option to play a game on the same device too, which makes this game a really fun one for an impromptu party game against someone.

There really isn’t anything for me complain about with this game aside from not being able to shuffle my pieces when it’s not my turn. I definitely recommend Words With Friends for anyone who likes Scrabble. It’s fun, easy, and doesn’t get in the way. Check it out.