Rather than changing the positions of the gems on the screen, you simply have to find at least three that are next to each other and swipe across them to destroy them, which is pretty easy with only four colors. As you play, waves of enemies called spirits, will possess various gems. They will do continuous damage to your mana bar, which you refill by destroying gems and getting big combos. If you get a combo of five or more, you’ll get energy points to spend on abilities. Abilities like destroying any single spirit, bombing a cluster of nine, or eliminating every spirit of a specific color. The last one is especially helpful in getting really large combos. It’s a constant tug of war between you and the spirits for your mana bar.

Every difficulty level has a high score that you have to beat to unlock the next. Each new level comes with more difficult enemies though, such as enemies that morph an entire row of gems into spirits, or enemies that take two combo attacks to destroy. You also have the option of playing a free play mode, in which you set the variables and enemies yourself, based on the highest level you’ve beaten so far. The game is very well balanced, and is actually one of the most fun takes on a match-three game I’ve ever played. I was pretty hooked on this one.

The art is very simple and colorful, and the sound effects and music are well done. This is definitely the kind of game that you can play over and over again while going for the high score, though it does get way more difficult half way up the ladder. Still, for only one dollar, this is a brilliant and innovative game that you shouldn’t pass up.