The gameplay has you navigate a bunch of maze like levels, collecting three crystals on each level for score. This forest certainly has a strange number of perfectly square stone blocks organized into maze structures. Anyway, the levels offer a good variety of mechanics, from evil corruption that you can’t touch to wind tunnels. The levels are full of shrines that give you temporary power ups, such as the ability to burn spider webs with fire, crush weak tiles with stone, or freeze the horrible corruption. Level design was mostly good, though there are a few spots that are way harder than they should be.

The game is controlled by tilting the phone to move the wisp left and right, as well as by touching the screen in order to make her ascend. I would have liked to be able to tweak the tilt sensitivity in several situations. It just felt a little slow at times. The game can be a little bit choppy or jerky at times, on my Nexus One at least. There is a safe mode to try playing if the game crashes a lot, as well as the option to play with lower quality graphics, though I barely noticed any difference between the two.

The thing that makes this game work is the atmospheric music and art. While the levels could feel a little bit empty at times, overall it was OK. It’s hard to get mad at this game simply because it’s so soothing and relaxing just to play much of the time. The gameplay isn’t really for me, and I didn’t like how slow the game was a lot of the time. In the end, I stuck around for the art, music, and some of the interesting mechanics at play. This game can be yours for just over a dollar, and I say it’s definitely worth looking into. Download the free Appolicious Android app