Wikipedia has pretty much become the source of knowledge on the Internet. The free encyclopedia is user managed and surprisingly accurate. This makes it the perfect companion for mobile phones as you probably often come across times when you want to look something up. Wikidroid is an app for Android phones that brings the Wikipedia experience in an app that easily integrates with your phone.

Staying true to the website, the app is very simple and doesn’t clutter the screen in any way. When you start it up, the app offers a featured article to read through. Browsing through the menu you will find the ability to search, generate a random article, view and add bookmarks, and even save the current page to an SD card for offline viewing.

As you browse, different links will lead to other articles and it is very easy to get sucked into the Wikipedia trap. I found myself reading more and more after just one search.

Overall, this app is definitely a great addition to any Android phone. There is a free version available, so check that out before purchasing the unlocked app.