The game tasks you with helping a poor sewer-dwelling alligator named Swampy, who just wants to keep himself squeaky clean. This outrages the rest of his alligator friends, who sabotage his water supply in an unreasonable act of vandalism. Your job is to guide various bodies of water to Swampy’s tub by digging channels through the earth to the broken pipes.

The physics based gameplay is very well done. Puzzles can range from slow and meticulous crawls requiring strategic movements to a race against the clock requiring precise timing and lots of trial and error. You’ll have to deal with infectious purple acid that contaminates your water, as well as dirt destroying green acid. There are incredibly-fast-growing plants, and even explosive mines. There are three rubber duckies to collect in each level if you want the perfect score, and they’re required to unlock more levels. For the completionists among you,  several hidden collectibles are scattered throughout the game, and there are plenty of in-game achievements to earn. There are currently six different packs of levels, with more coming in future updates.

The game’s cartoony art is fantastic. The animations and expressions of the characters are hilarious, and the sound design and music matches that feeling. Swampy’s overdone cries of despair are especially entertaining to listen to. This is a great game all around, and one of the better physics puzzlers out there. It can be yours for just one dollar, so what are you waiting for?