Weather apps are already all over the place in the Android Market and there are plenty of widgets to go around. WeatherBug is an app that is looking to change the game by providing an interface that is animated and easy-to-read while still offering a large amount of data and information.

Right when the app opens, it asks for your location and then immediately brings up a huge selection of ways to view the current weather in the area. The app offers detailed graphs and forecasts for any location that you input. Another great feature of the app is the various maps that can be accessed. Users can view a weather map with options to choose conditions, temperatures and more as well as cloud maps and an animated radar. The app also offers a Severe weather tab to notify you of the latest developments that should be watched. One thing that separates this app from the others is the addition of push notifications for severe weather. The app is a great replacement for other weather apps and is definitely worth the grab on your phone. It’s priced reasonably in the android market so check it out.