This genre of game has been around for quite a while in various flash game websites. The tilt game play had been around for quite a while, but it was near perfected by Redlynx with their Trials series. Ever since their huge success with Trials HD on the Xbox Live Arcade, tons of other developers have been coming out of the woodwork with… let’s just call them emulations of the popular title. This is clearly one of those cases.

The goal of Trial Xtreme is to make it to the end of each track by using the back and forth tilting mechanic to make it past all the various jumps and obstacles. There are checkpoints in each level, though they are undefined and you’ll never know when you’ve hit one. Also, something that really baffles me is the lack of any reverse acceleration. Why not have the brake button double as a reverse button? You will get stuck several times in situations where a little more room to build up speed would save you, and that shouldn’t happen. Luckily, you are apparently riding Ghost Rider’s dirt bike, because you can climb up vertical surfaces. You get sixty levels with this game.

You can play this game with the default accelerometer tilt controls, or with buttons. Switch over to buttons immediately, they are far easier to use. The physics of this game seem very off, and very floaty at times. It’s also a very buggy game. There are several glitches you’ll run in to as you play. The game also froze on me a few times. The sensitivity of the buttons is all messed up too. There is a pause button which takes you to the pause menu. The pause button is right on top of the exit button, so if you pause the game to restart the track or checkpoint, you will almost always exit to the main menu. This became insanely frustrating. There are also some glitches with the multi-touch. Sometimes I’d hit the exit button without my fingers being anywhere near the button itself.

Aside from all these bugs, the game is actually a ton of fun, because the game it’s emulating is a ton of fun. The graphics are mostly good, other than a few inconsistent and bad textures that really stand out from the crowd. If you like this kind of game, and you want to be able to play it on the go, then go ahead and pick this up. All the bugs were annoying, but they didn’t ruin the experience. Not for me at least. This is a two dollar app. Check it out.