Android App Video Review: Toy Story: Smash It!

May 22, 2013

The nostalgia I feel for Buzz, Woody, and the rest of the Toy Story gang is absurdly powerful, which is why I, along with millions of other 90s kids, cried like babies watching Toy Story 3. So when Disney makes a 3-D version of Angry Birds that has you throwing balls at other toys and blocks as Buzz Lightyear, you know I’m all over that! That game isToy Story: Smash It!,and despite my sarcasm, it’s a good game. Many ideas are lifted directly from Angry Birds, yes, but there are some new twists thrown in, plus a 3-D perspective that makes for some interesting level designs.

From normal balls, to rocket balls that can’t be stopped, balloon balls that you inflate with the push of a button, and bombs, your job is to take out all the Pizza Planet alien dolls in a level. Levels are themed like a play session in Andy’s room, with cardboard settings colored with crayon, from fantasy and Western stuff to a galactic battle against evil emperor Zurg! Each level also has three special golden blocks to collect, which you do by hitting them with anything at all.

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This game is casual to the max. I found it nearly impossible to get one star on a level, let alone lose and have to retry. There is replayability in trying to get all three stars by setting off the right chain reactions, but this is definitely a game to put in front of your kids. Despite the ease, I found it fairly enjoyable. And that isn’t just because of the iconic characters and music that instantly give me PTSD flashbacks to my first viewing of Toy Story 3. It’s Disney, so you know it’s at least polished and looks nice. With 60 levels to play and a one dollar price tag at the time of this review, you’ll probably enjoy this game if the idea sounds at all appealing to you. Of course, you could always just use it as an excuse to hang out with Woody, Buzz, Rex, and the rest of the gang for a while. There is a free version to try as well.

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