You control two dogs, Mick and Ralph. They are in quite the interesting predicament. Their tongues are literally tied together. Thankfully, they’re also extremely elastic and strong, so you can fling and swing them around with no problems. This is an auto run platformer (well, more like an auto trot along at a fairly slow pace platformer) with plenty of odd situations and hazards to overcome. There are multiple special moves to learn and utilize when jumping over gaps, swinging from tires, smashing bags full of tokens, and reverse leap-frogging in physics-defying mud ceilings. You’ll have to avoid dynamite, burning hot coals, crumbling platforms and much more as you collect bone tokens, which make up your score. You’ll have to collect just about every possible bone token to get a gold rating in each level.

As I said, the game is creative and interesting, but also highly flawed. The controls will mess you up far more often than you’d like. They’re very touchy, and it’s easy to accidentally send both dogs plummeting to their death. The game also has pacing issues. Sometimes the game could really spread out the traps and slow things down a bit, but other times it’s just boring as you slowly trot through the easy parts of a level over and over again. There is a pretty sharp difficulty spike around the midway point of the game’s sixty levels, and while the solutions are clear and seemingly simple, they are not so easily executed. Honestly,  if the game weren’t so unique and well done in every other aspect, this would completely cripple the game.

As I said, the cartoon art is great, with gorgeous backgrounds and humorous foregrounds. The animations are classic cartoon fun, the music sets the perfect cheerful tone, and the game is really quite enjoyable aside from a few ridiculously frustrating levels. There are even bonuses to unlock and some extra challenges to tackle. For only two dollars, I’d definitely say this one is worth checking out.

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