The little hero of our game is given different special abilities to help him along his quest, such as the ability to build a bridge or items like the Slug Sucker or InstantRock. All of these tools are used to avoid the enemies found on the map and to rescue the eggs strewn around.

The game plays very much like some of the old Nintendo games on the early systems and some Game Boy games. The whole idea is moving the character around and solving the puzzles that are found in the levels. The game is pretty easy when starting out. But the more it is played, the harder the game then becomes.

The graphics in this game are really quite amazing as the 3D models really stand out. The animations are top notch and it makes me wonder why we don’t see better animations like this more often on Android phones.

But ultimately, it ends up being a great brain-bender and was a fun game that kept me entertained for quite a while. Check it out. It is a ton of fun and really has enough variety to stay interesting.

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