The premise is simple enough; race on various tracks around a volcano as various tiki people and animals using karts made of wood and fruit. It makes for a unique looking game, that’s for sure. You can either race in the practice mode, or the main circuit mode, which puts you in various three track circuits with three difficulties each, which are of course 50cc, 100cc, and 150cc. Each track will feature boost strips and randomized item pickups. The randomized items are your basic missiles, mines, boosts, and oil slicks. As I said, all of this has been done before, but it’s still pretty fun here. It would be nice to have a quick race option of some kind too, instead of having to do full circuits each session.

The real problems with the game come from the controls and bugs. The controls are quite simple. You just touch the screen anywhere to accelerate, and tilt the device to steer. It’s hard enough to get used to the various carts, which all handle a bit differently, but it’s even worse when the controls are fundamentally difficult. Your car will often spin out and get turned around for seemingly no reason whatsoever, and sometimes the game will just stop registering your acceleration finger. I really just wish there were some alternate control methods. The game also has this visual bug that would not go away on my Motorola Xoom, in which the various buttons and interface options would go completely black, rendering them useless, though I don’t see many complaints about this, so it’s probably rare.

The graphics are generally well done, though the textures can be quite buggy. The heavily brown aesthetic matches the theme and setting very well, though it can still get boring to look at. All in all, it’s a decent kart racer, but not nearly the best one on the market. Luckily, the game is free, so anyone can give it a download and see what they think. Just know that you only get part of the game for free, and most of the karts, tracks, and racers must be purchased in-app.

[appbox googleplay com.arbstudios.tikikartfree]