Android App Video Review: Thief Lupin!

Mar 26, 2012

Thief Lupin! is an interesting new game from Bluewind Studio. It’s essentially a more polished and varied take on a very specific kind of one button platformer that is often found in exclusively in Flash games. It involves bite-sized bits of dynamic gameplay as you climb up the floors of a tower. The art is nice enough along with the music, and this is definitely a rather unique title. It can also be rather frustrating, and is definitely not for everyone.

The set up involves the King of Thieves sending out a letter of challenge to all the greatest thieves in the world, asking that they climb various tower structures to collect all the treasures that lie within. The gameplay is simple one button platforming goodness. Every floor of a tower changes the nature of your button press, making you jump in various arcs, sometimes while auto-running and sometimes not, making you shift backwards or freeze in place, and many, many, many, many more. Just when you think they can’t come up with any other control permutations, you are proven horribly wrong. Each floor will only take a few seconds to complete, and your progress is continually saved, making this the penultimate quick session game.

Thief Lupin! Android App Review –

Today: A dynamic one button run and jump fest. A review of Thief Lupin! by App: Thief Lupin! Price: Free The price depicted is at the time of this review, and could easily be changed.

Each micro-sized floor is rated out of four stars: one for completion, one for doing it in a certain time, one for doing it within a certain number of screen taps, and one for collecting the gem. These gems are used to unlock new towers and levels, but luckily it’s easy to go back and save up more. New towers often come with entirely new traps and hazards to match a new theme, and there are even boss battle floors. You also use gems to unlock extra characters, which offer different bonuses, such as extra gems. Each character may also have their appearance customized in various ways. OpenFeint achievements and leaderboards are supported. Really, even though Thief Lupin! can be exceedingly frustrating at times, it’s still worth your time to check out, as it’s completely free. Not only is it free, but it offers loads of content if you’re just willing to work for it. Of course, you can purchase extra gems in-app if you’d rather go about it that way. It’s definitely worth your time to download and try out.

Thief Lupin!
Thief Lupin!
Developer: Bluewind
Price: Free+
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