Android App Video Review: The Sims 3

Dec 28, 2010
Video Review

Now jumping on the Android bandwagon, EA has released an Android version of The Sims 3 along with its PC counterpart.

Mobile users can enjoy messing around with other people’s lives right from their device. The game starts up with the player creating a character and then selecting from the different hairstyles, outfits and personalities to create their own look and feel.

Once the character has been created, the player can then begin moving their character around and letting them live their life. The game is controlled by different buttons and cameras are controlled by pinching and the zoom button. The Sims 3 is all about exploring your town. Jobs can be earned, recipes learned and toilets used. All of these things will shape how your character acts and what goals he achieves.

The game has a ton of depth and is well worth the purchase if you are into the casual destruction or enrichment of virtual people’s lives.

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Erik Fikkert

With a heart for technology and its synergy with daily life, Erik has been involved in many different areas of media. He has composed music for film, designed branding for local companies and currently enjoys spending his days playing with iPhone apps and keeping up with the latest tech news.

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