I’ve never been exposed to the comics or movie, but from what I understand, it follows the tale of TinTin, a reporter who often gets caught up in grand adventures, and his dog Snowy. They are joined by a colorful supporting cast on an adventure that spans a handful of the novels mashed together. The characters are a lot of fun, and you’ll fall in love with the loyal and heroic Snowy instantly. Although I grew to despise TinTin due to his extremely obvious internal monologue instructing me what to do over and over. This is probably not an issue outside of the game, of course, but it was quite grating.


This is a very simple game which divides each chapter of the story into very different sections. One minute you’ll be playing a very basic and linear adventure game, and the next you’ll be playing a stealth puzzle game. Snowy even channels Solid Snake at times, hiding and maneuvering under a box. These core elements are interspersed with various iOS inspired puzzlers, including some Cut the Rope styled segments. Whenever the action picks up, you’ll move into your basic quick time event interactive cut-scene. While all this is happening, you’ll be able to tap on coins and puzzle pieces in the background to collect them. The coins are used to purchase more puzzles, and completing the very basic jigsaw puzzles lets you examine 3D models of various characters. The graphics are very well done, matching the style of the movie and comics, though they can be quite inconsistent. The sound design, music, and voice acting is all spot on, even if TinTin got on my nerves. Each chapter is very long, and there is a lot of content to get through. It did crash on me a couple times though, resetting my progress in the already lengthy level I was playing, and people are reporting all sorts of issues, so research before buying.

All in all this is a solid title that’s sure to please the fans. I totally hated it though. It’s very well made for what it is, but what it is doesn’t appeal to me. It’s entirely too linear, the puzzles are too simple, there’s too much reliance on quick time events to create excitement, and I just found the game dull and boring. I also have no prior love for the franchise to help fuel me. Most people will probably love this game, and it is clearly marketed to be a safe and easy adventure for children, but if you don’t like extremely basic and linear gameplay like me, you should stay away. Heck, It’s almost surely more enjoyable than whatever was shoved onto the Xbox 360 and PS3 anyway. You can join TinTin and Snowy on their journey for seven dollars.

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