Tetris is one of those games that pretty much anyone who knows of video games will recognize. It has been around for quite some time and there have been plenty of copycats and revisions to the game.

Tetris for Android is an awesome way to experience the game in its most simple form. It has a brand new look but still offers the same challenge. There have been a few features added that make it much easier for newcomers to get the hang of it, like the ghost piece which will show where your piece will land. But it does offer an option to disable these features to play more of a vanilla version of the game.

The controls are handled by touch. Tapping the screen will rotate the piece and dragging down or to the side will move it accordingly.

Overall, the game played well and felt very similar to the original. I still was desperately waiting for that long piece for a while which brought back some great memories. Check it out. It’s definitely fun and it is awesome to have one of the greatest classics on your phone.